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Uni-China (Business) Management Ltd.

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Company Profile (maximum 200 words): Uni-China (Business) Management Ltd. (“the Group”) and its subsidiaries have rooted in Hong Kong for approximately 30 years, being responsible for the operation and management of diverse businesses and adept at creating and maximizing values to the business itself and the society via revitalization project. The Group is a conglomerate with approximately 20 brands, covering diversified business areas which ranges from fresh food, revitalization of fresh markets, supermarket, food and beverage, project management, innovative technology and CRM solutions, integrated marketing to intelligent storage service with automated robotics technology.​ Currently, the Group has approximately 1,000 stores locating in Hong Kong with nearly 5,000 employees. With a tailor-made management system, the Group has maintained a leading position in the industry.
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Head of e-Commerce
Executive Consultant
Deputy Head of Marketing
Marketing Director
Group Chief Marketing And Digital Officer
Deputy Head of e-Commerce