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Digital marketing is always a competitive market in terms of talent acquisition & retention. IAB HK Job Board aims to enable our members to extend your reach to potential talents in the market. Powered by, IAB HK Job Board is an exclusive job board for IAB HK members. Members can have free and unlimited postings on digital marketing related job openings at this job board. Members can also increase their job advertisements exposure to reach the best matched candidates. More importantly, it is hassle free for IAB HK members. Everything is arranged by IAB HK at the backend after activation.

IAB HK Job Board

More about IAB HK Job Board

  1.  I am a IAB HK member, is the Job Board free?
    The IAB HK Job Board is a free service for all IAB HK members.
  2.  I am a IAB HK member, how can I post ads to the IAB HK Job Board and
    If you are a IAB HK member and have a ‘recruiter’ account at, the service is activated for you automatically.
    If you are a IAB HK member but do not have a ‘recruiter’ account at, please write to to activate the service.
  3.  What information do I need to pass to IAB HK to post job ads on the Job Board?
    If you are a IAB HK member and have a ‘recruiter’ account at, you do not need to do anything. We will show the digital marketing related job ads on the Job Board from the same ad at
    For IAB HK members who do not have a recruiter account at yet, basic contact information, company information and business registration number & copy is required when create a new account. Please write to to activate the service.
  4.  How can you identify the job ad is a digital marketing related role and post it on the Job Board?
    IAB HK and have identified a list of keywords for digital marketing related roles for you.
    If you find any of your job ads on the Job Board not related to digital marketing or want to add any specific job ad (digital marketing related), please contact
  5.  How can I notify IAB HK when we have hired the person of the any job ad posted on the Job Board?
    All the job ads on the Job Board will be pulled down automatically after 30 days it is posted there.
  6.  I am not a IAB HK member, how can I post my company job ad to the IAB HK Job Board?
    The IAB HK Job Board is an exclusive free service for members. Join us as member today and enjoy this free and excusive service!
  7.  Can I opt out posting my company job ads on
    All job ads posted on IAB HK Job Board will automatically be posted on as well by default. You can go to the Association page and un-check the box “publish my job post in” to opt out.
  8.  Can I put URL in my job ads to have job seekers apply on my company website?
    This feature is only available to IAB HK members who have already activated this service by, otherwise all applications will be processed through’s recruitment management platform. If you are interested in this feature, please contact to find out more.

Terms & Conditions

  • IAB HK Job Board is for IAB HK members only.
  • IAB HK Job Board is powered by All job ad posting activities are subject to’s Terms & Conditions for Advertisers.
  • IAB HK reserves the right to change the setup of or cancel the Job Board at any time without any prior notice.
  • IAB HK has the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without any prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of IAB HK shall be final.

IAB HK Job Board