Birdie 2.0 - Re-Marketing and Re-Engaging

Campaign: Birdie 2.0 - Re-Marketing and Re-Engaging

Company: Birdie Mobile Limited

Client: Birdie Mobile Limited

Project Summary:

1. To re-engage with existing customers of Birdie Mobile to increase loyalty, engagement 
2. Drive awareness, introduce Birdie's service to new/existing customers 
Goals: Increase loyalty, reduce churn and increase sales


Birdie is a digital only mobile operator and seeks to target millennials with our online only sign up and activation process. With mobile being commoditized driven by price only, Birdie seeks to bring more than mobile to customers by engaging them in fun programs and offering a quality service at a reasonable price. 

Birdie seeks to re-inforce to existing customers of our loyalty programs and customer benefits with our fun and engaging loyalty programs, exclusive merchant offers while introducing our service to new/potential customers. With new customers, we seek to on board new customers driven by digital marketing activities.


With loyalty program and customer benefits, our aim is to reduce churn rate, drive greater loyalty with longer tenure usage and drive increased sales with new customers.


Acquisitions: Online Advertising with Search, Social, Display, Audio and OOH 
Loyalty: Birdie Friday, Exclusive Partner offers and Stamp Rewards.


100% of Birdie’s sales and acquisitions are driven via are mobile app
With no retail stores or direct salespeople, Birdie relies on Digital Marketing as our primary source of sales.
Birdie Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile operator in HK and has grown more than double digits % since its inception three years ago.

Our retention programs and app engagement constantly outperforms industry benchmarks and are primarily driven via our mobile app only. 
90% of all Birdie customers log on to Birdie’s app at least 2x per month to 
Check Bill and Data Usage 
Loyalty Programs and Merchant Offers 
Redeem stamp rewards program

In an internal study, it has been shown that Birdie customers who engage with any 1 of our in-app engagement are 40% less likely to churn and remain loyal 2x longer tenure than those who have not engaged with our app or activities.

Presentation Deck: IAB HK Mobile Awards April 2021