IAB HK Digital Awards 2022: Best use of Video - Gold (TamJai SamGor Mixian)

Campaign: Life’s a mixture, we taste it all

Brand: TamJai SamGor Mixian



  • A Prolonged Covid Measures From Government And Business
  • An Inevitable Change In Consumer Behaviour


Insight and Strategy

1. Connect With A Story Every Hong Konger Can Resonate

  • To boost brand love and engage authentically with the audience, TJSG decided to dive into the emotional roller coaster of everyone in Hong Kong, and identified one insight: we lived an entirely different life in the past 3 years, and everything we valued has been taken away, and we’ve lost what we once take for granted gradually.
  • A graduation with a ceremony, a wedding with a banquet, or as simple as having a dinner with friends around…when these don’t seem to be happening anymore, the basics of everyday life take the front row. That’s where the familiar taste and flavour of TJSG finds a legitimate role in genuinely connecting with every Hong Konger. TJSG flavour is always more than just a sensorial enjoyment. It’s a taste associated with many little, or significant, moments; a taste that we are all familiar with.

2. Narrate A Familiar Story By Familiar Faces, Delight The Fans With Easter Eggs

  • A story is best told and received when the audience finds themselves involved. While the plot is curated from the identified consumer insights, TJSG also strategically looked into the TV schedule and made a calculated move to invite two main casts, Jeffrey Ngai and Sofiee Ng, in the highly-anticipated TV drama ‘I SWIM’ to be featured in the campaign hero content.  Their amiable and down-to-earth images in the drama, which streamed right before our campaign launch, created instant buzz for the campaign to gain some tailwind.
  • Ronald Cheng, the popular artist, singer and comedian, who is a fan of TJSG and accompanies fans to grow, was also invited to show up as an easter egg to surprise TJSG's fans. His long-awaited movie was just around the corner during the campaign period, which further helped build up the buzz around the video.

3. Step By Step Anticipation Upsurge

To maximise the impact, TJSG arranged media tastings with popular influencers including Jeffrey’s friends: Angela Yuen and Kaki Sham on the new product prior to the campaign launch to build anticipation. TJSG also strategically collaborated with 焦sir (a humorous cast in ‘I SWIM’  who has a crush on Sofiee) on social media right after the grand finale of the TV show to fully leverage the drama and fuel the campaign momentum.


1. Introducing "Tamjai Samgor: Life's A Mixture, We Taste It All"

  • Attempting to truly bring the insight to life in the campaign, TJSG put the familiar taste of TJSG’s 香麻辛辣 in the context of the common feelings every Hong Konger shared and arrived at this creative idea: Life’s a mixture, we taste it all.
  • It’s a nod to what people experienced collectively in the past 3 years, and it’s a message telling everyone TJSG was, is and will be there with them no matter how the environment has changed.

2. Forge A Way To Stand Out In A Muted Social World

  • Unlike shorter videos, audiences are more likely to turn on the audio to follow the story of a 5-minute film. TJSG takes advantage of this behaviour to double down on forging a strong emotional connection - a Cantonese song composed by a local songwriter with tailor-made lyrics to tell this story of every ordinary Hong Konger. This touch has proven to be a buzz among the audiences. 

3. A Story Of An Ordinary Family. A Feeling Connecting Everyone

  • The film features an ordinary family with stories that resonate with every Hong Konger, and they are all connected through a bowl of TamJai SamGor Mixian and its familiar taste. TJSG is always there to accompany you through the good and the bad, just like the significant others in everyone’s life, who give you love and stand by you.


1. Reach The Audience With Full Funnel Support

  • TJSG teased the new product launch with media tasting events with KOLs & foodies; together with a series of social posts to announce Jeffrey as the endorser to create anticipation for the campaign. Then TJSG deployed their hero video content and invited content creators and masses to share their own “香麻辛辣” stories in different life aspects to engage with audiences of different interest groups to create discussion in the city.
  • A series of in-store communications including giant window stickers, posters, and postcards successfully drew massive footfall to TJSG's stores to help close the loop. Many people are attracted to try the new product’s taste. 

2. Same Idea, Different Stories, All Walks Of Life

  • TJSG tapped into multiple channels and platforms with content creators of different aspects, from entertainment, lifestyle to work and culture, and successfully turned the campaign into conversation. Channels including social media, YouTube and PR. 
  • TJSG further invite consumer to share their own stories. Instead of one brand voice, TJSG amplified the campaign through a collective yet consistent voice and made sure the story was an authentic and resonating one.



It's a story for Hong Konger. 

  • Generated over 2.8M video views and became the #2 social branded media video On Facebook and Instagram in just 2 weeks' time.
  • Accumulated over 6.4M impressions and generated over 22M earned PR value. 
  • Positive engagements: Reach was increased by 112%; Engagement increased by 89% and 63% on Facebook & Instagram respectively.

It's a success full story for business.

  • TJSG’s brand equity index increased by more than 23% after the campaign, compared with 2021.
  • Total Sales Revenue: +30% (July vs Jan-Apr 2022)

  • Dine in Business: +96% (July vs Jan-Apr 2022)