IABHK: The must-not-be-missed Career Talk on Digital Marketing


🙌The must-not-be-missed Career Talk on Digital Marketing has successfully accomplished on 18 March. Hope all of you find the content relevant and useful in exploring HK digital marketing landscape and detailed work scope of creative, digital & performance agencies in Career Talk 1 on 11 March, whereas discovering the industry prospects, MarTech knowledge required and case studies from online & offline brands in Career Talk 2 on 18 March.


BIG shout out to the below fantastic speakers and moderator: 

11 March 2022

🔹Emily Chow, General Manager at OneDegree
🔹 Rudi Leung, Director & Founder at Hungry Digital 
🔹Sharon Lau, General Manager at Starcom
🔹 Edison Woo, Regional VP, Organisation Development APAC RU at Assembly
🔹 Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer at VPON Big Data Group

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18 March 2022
🔹Tristan Shing, Head of Marketing at JobsDB
🔹Kristian Evans, Strategic Account Executive at Salesforce 
🔹Jeffrey Hau, Founder/Director at Prizm Group
🔹Kevin Huang, Managing Director at Carousell 
🔹Agnes Lung, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Tamjai Intl 
🔹Arthur Chan, Chief Operating Officer at Vpon Big Data Group
🔹Cindy Sze, 2021 Apprentice

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If you have missed both sessions of Career Talk, please watch the full recordings for review!
📌11 Mar: https://youtu.be/90pyb3fAdww
📌18 Mar: https://youtu.be/yiLnXWhwzFw

👏Thank you IABHK Education & Career Committee for organising this fruitful event to provide some useful career advices and tips in digital marketing industry.

✏️After this Career Talk, students can engage deeper by joining our Apprentice Program to gain some digital trainings and first-hand work experience in this summer! Check out for details and register by 15 April. 


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