IAB HK Digital Awards 2022: Best Use of Programmatic Advertising - Gold (Uber Taxi)

Campaign: "Go Live your way" campaign - A journey through the streets of Hong Kong

Brand: Uber Taxi

Agencies: Mediacom & Hivestack



Uber, the mobility service provider, wanted to drive awareness and consideration of their Uber Taxi services as part of their “Go your Way, Live your Way” marketing campaign - that empowers targeted audiences to be in-control of the way they travel around the city of Hong Kong. They wanted to leverage advanced triggers and targeting capabilities offered by the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP) to connect with their target audiences on the move.



  • Uber Taxi is relatively new in Hong Kong
  • Fierce Competition
  • Programmatic DOOH is a new concept in HK


Insight and Strategy

1. Use data-driven strategy to define target audience

  • Shifting away from the traditional media approach of targeting audience, this programmatic DOOH campaign leverages audience centric approach and focuses on targeting on the go audiences. In order to identify Uber Taxi's exclusive target audience, Hivestack partnered with Vpon, its trusted data partner in Hong Kong to refine target audience segments, including daily commuters around petrol stations, public utilities, CBD and shopping stores via audience geofencing

2. Activated through Hivestack DSP for audience targeting

  • The fundamental USP to programmatic audience targeting is the geo-temporal data, by analysis and apply highly complex mobile data provided by Vpon. It allows Hivestack brings a richer understanding to the audiences around the screens in respect of different times of a day.


Media Strategy

The Programmatic DOOH campaign was activated at Hong Kong’s prime locations including prominent bus shelters and large format digital billboards in HK and Kowloon side. Uber Taxi has prepared 6 different creatives for the use of dayparting & weather targeting parameters to fulfil serving the right ad to the right audience with the right OOH medium.


Added Value and Efficiency

  • Advent of data-driven targeting driven from programmatic DOOH and unleash the potential to power Uber Taxi campaign with weather targeting
  • Programmatic DOOH successful delivery and optimise pacing and campaign in real-time for precision



The Hivestack DSP’s in-flight optimization capabilities offered real time campaign results and flexibility to alter the strategy throughout the duration of the campaign.

At the end of the campaign, Uber Taxi accomplished:

  • Over 3 million impressions generated
  • 59% audience concentration rate through programmatic DOOH