IAB HK Digital Awards 2022: Best use of Data & Insights - Gold (AXA China Region Insurance Company)



Campaign: Customised Storytelling with Dynamic Creatives for AXA Hong Kong

Brand: AXA China Region Insurance Company

Agencies: Starcom Hong Kong, The Trade Desk Hong Kong, Adzymic



  • Maximise reach to all prospective customers for the two flagship AXA products: FortuneXtra Savings Plan and WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance. 
  • Deliver customised messages tailored to every single one of AXA’s prospective customers that resonate with their unique individual needs – reflecting AXA’s longstanding customer-first approach.  
  • Leverage data and dynamic creatives to complete an impactful storytelling in a cost-effective manner. 



COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalisation of the insurance customer journey. This presents a marketing challenge particularly pertinent to the insurance industry: since everyone has their own unique insurance and saving needs, how can AXA leverage data to expand this highly personalised experience into the digital ad space? How to do so cost-effectively without excessive production cost?


Insight and Strategy

1. DCO: Customising messages cost-effectively in real-time at a massive scale

  • Data Driven Customisation: combined different data signals (3rd party data, contextual data, real-time ad interaction data and API-integrated data) to deliver personalised messages in real-time.

2. Fully harnessing the beauty of dynamic creatives to deliver a truly personalised storytelling

  • 3rd party audience data targeting can help identify segmenting the audiences based on their interest and behaviour, but supplementing these data with dynamic creatives can take it to the next level to understand the audience’s life goal and tailor the messaging in a truly audience-first manner.
  • Utilising 3rd party data can assist in identifying the interests of audiences regarding various financial products. This information can then be used to segment our target audience, specifically those individuals with a strong intent to save.
  • Fine-grained personalisation at scale



1. AXA FortuneXtra Savings Plan: Combined 3rd party data, real-time audience interaction and FX rate to complete a highly personalised storytelling that addressed each audience’s unique saving need

  • Audience Data: Leveraged the Trade Desk’s 3rd party data marketplace with 200+ data providers to reach the three key audience groups. 
  • Audience Interaction: Adzymic’s technology was used to create interactive creative experience to understand the audience’s interest in life and savings plan. 
  • Real-time Exchange Rate: to illustrate the ever-changing and dynamic nature of foreign exchange, there is no better way to show them the real-time exchange rate with DCO technology. 

2. AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance: The campaign was built upon AXA’s consumer insight on common “excuses” of not buying medical insurance, and to show the right message to the right audience at the right time in tackling their “excuses”. 

  • Leveraging on demographics data and contextual targeting from the Trade Desk and DCO technology from Adyzmic to power this data-driven programmatic strategy that shows the appropriate message to different target segments.


Added Value and Efficiency

1. AXA FortuneXtra Savings Plan: Combining 3rd party data, real-time interaction data and API-integrated FX data for maximum impact 

The audience is presented with a personalised FX discovery journey: 

  • 3rd party data to identify the 3 audience groups: savvy investors, family decision makers and people with general finance interest.  
  • For each audience group, 3 different interactive 1st frames are tailored for them with interactive questions asking about their life plans, so as to further understand the audience’s situation and served a precise message that address their true needs.  
  • Showed real-time exchange rates against the HKD, extracted via API integration with FX data source, creating an urgency for the audience to pay attention to FX and start investing in FX. 


2. AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance: delivering 1200 creative variants to relevant audience at scale 

  • Identified on-target demographics via 3rd party data market place
  • Leveraged The Trade Desk to activate 50 contextual categories from Grapeshot and IAS – both standard categories and custom keywords – to finely segment the mass audience into distinctive target groups based on content the audiences were reading real-time. 
  • Utilised Adyzmic’s DCO technology to serve 400+ auto-generated banners with 400 distinctive messages in 3 ad formats to address people’s most common excuses for not buying health insurance. 


3. Data-Backed Optimisation: Human and Machine to jointly optimise for better user experience and performance

  • Adzymic: Continuously iterating to refine the animations and button placement to improve the user experience based on the CTR. 
  • The Trade Desk: Utilised the KOATM artificial intelligence to continuously optimise on the campaign performance



1. Cost Efficiency: Maximised reach while maintaining a balanced amount of exposure per person

  • 93% reach of the target audience

2. Active Engagement: Significant increase in CTR and reduction in CPC comparing to standard banner

  • CTR: +5.24x
  • CPC: -31%

3. Unbeatable Production Efficiency

  • AXA FortuneXtra Savings Plan
    • 27 banner versions generated, with 2-day production turnaround (down from 2 weeks)
  • AXA WiseGuard Pro Medical Insurance 
    • 400+ banner versions generated, with 2-week production turnaround (down from 8 weeks)