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As the world is moving into a digitalized and accelerated era, the advertising industry is moving fast as well. Take a read of these inspiring articles by our Adtech and Programmatic Committee members to give you some insights about the current trends in Adtech!




Realizing the Huge Potential of Programmatic Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH)

Author: Sally, VP of Sales, Hivestack

As the adoption of programmatic DOOH grows amongst agencies and brands in the region, it is evident that the usage of programmatic DOOH will continue to expand as it delivers significant value to advertisers. As an advertiser, how can you make sure your budget is primed to take full advantage of this emerging channel in driving real business outcome?





A Glimpse into the Future of Advertising

Author: Jimmy Poon, Head of Sales and Business Development, HOTDESK Asia Limited

Check out these 5 exciting ad tech companies to give us a glimpse into the exciting world of future advertising






How to Use Omnichannel Marketing to Grow Your Business

Author: Jenny Tsang, Head of Programmatic Advertising, Yahoo

Take a look at these Hong Kong-based omnichannel marketing strategies throughout the six main sales funnel stages: Exposure, Discovery, Conversion, Consideration, Close and Relationship.






Embracing the Acceleration of the Digital Era: Emerging Market Trends in China

Author: Charlene Ree, CEO & Founder, EternityX

In the past two years, the shopping behaviors of Chinese consumers have undergone a drastic change due to the rapid evolutions of e-commerce, digital entertainment, and social media. Check out the five latest marketing trends in China that you must know!





The Publisher’s Programmatic Survival Guide

Author: Ben Chien, Managing Director, AnyMind

Ultimately, we will see a slow and gradual adjustment for publishers not just in this region but also all around the world. Those who move first will definitely have an advantage. The question is, are you ready?




Direct-to-Consumers (DTC) eCommerce: How can AI help to drive eCommerce

Author: Andy Chung, Managing Director - GroupM Xaxis & INCA, GroupM

Explore today's programmatic challenge and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help drive Ecommerce sales revenue.




Ad Operation: What Programmatic Traders Easily Overlook 

Author: Kenny Cheung, Director, Product, Innovation and Partnership, SCMP

Explore the crucial role of publishers in PMP (Premium Programmatic trade) to deliver the best campaign performance and ROI for their advertisers.