Measurement Fuel Stop (2024)

Embracing the digital era, the IAB HK Measurement Committee continues to drive innovation in measurement practices. Building upon the success of the Data Academy program, we proudly present Measurement Fuel Stop (MFS), an engaging video series designed to provide quick education on key measurement topics. These topics include privacy-centric measurement, segmentation, O2O measurement, lifetime value (LTV), media quality, performance tracking, marketing mix modeling, etc.

Stay tuned for these insightful Measurement Fuel Stop videos, where we will provide valuable knowledge and practical tips to excel in the ever-evolving world of measurement in 2024.


Topic: O2O Measurement

Speaker: Queenie Chung, Deputy General Manager, Vpon AI Big Data Group

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Topic: Brand Measurement

Speaker: Agnes Chan, Marketing Science Partner, GCR, Meta

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Topic: Measurement for Ecommerce and Web3

Part 1 (Measurement for Ecommerce): Watch here

Speaker: Chi Fai Leung, Associate Director, Omni Channel Business Integration, Chow Sang Sang

Part 2 (Measurement for Web3): Watch here

Speaker: Regen Au, Founder, GenMax Lab





Topic: Metrics you should know & Why CMOs do MMM?

Part 1 (Metrics you should know): Watch here

Speaker: Michael Camplejohn (MMO Leader APAC, Ekimetrics)

Part 2 (Why CMOs do MMM): Watch here

Speaker: Bernice Fong (Brand & Content Strategy Director, AXA International Markets)





Topic: Privacy Measurement - Getting Ready for the Cookieless World

Speaker: Gaspard Liu (Ads Privacy Specialist, Google Greater China)

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Data Academy 2.0 

By 2021 Data & Measurement Committee

8-10 short videos/webinars (15-30 min each) are created to focus on the most desired training areas, for example,  cookieless world & data privacy, or practitioner’s guide around how to build the data infrastructure. Some videos are available to everyone and we will also create premium videos which will be exclusive to IAB HK members only.


1   Topic: Surviving Turbulent Market - How to embrace the market trend?

   Speakers: Angela Lai (Head of Channel Business) / Martin Wu (Regional Product Marketing Manager)

   Company: Vpon 

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X  Topic: How to continue to deliver precise advertisement without  device identifiers?

  Speaker: Cecilia Cheng (Associate Account Director)

  Company: EternityX

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1  Topic: Introduction of Data Management Platform (DMP) and  Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  Speaker: Kenneth Chow (Strategic Account Executive)

  Company: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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55  Topic: How to harness the power of Big Data to improve Marketing Outcomes?

  Speaker: Julian Yip (Technical Lead)

  Company: Fifty-five

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【Data Academy 2.0】Google Analytics 4 (GA4)  Topic: Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

  Speaker: Jing Ma (Measurement & Analytics Specialist)

  Company: Google

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【Data Academy 2.0】Marketing Mix Modelling  Topic: Marketing Mix Modelling

  Speaker: Agnes Chan (Marketing Science Partner)

  Company: Facebook

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