Summer and Project Internships wanted for 2022 Apprentice Program

Hire interns via IABHK Apprentice Program

📣Calling for Internships
Support IABHK Apprentice Program, the largest internship program for Digital marketing in HK

Bring in young creative minds to your workplace for 1-2 months at the minimal wage. Giving undergraduates an opportunity to gain real work experience and get prepared to start a career in the digital marketing.

Apprentices will also receive digital training and coaching from IAB HK

Engage a lecturer in your next project on UX/UI or eCommerce. They are experienced and knowledgable, likely to provide significant help and no salary is required because they on the payroll of HKDI. All they want is latest hands-on experience from the industry.
Project prefers to be between March and September 2022. Profiles of lecturers are available in the form.

📅 Sign up here by ***9 April 2022***
✉️ For enquires, please contact Alvina at 96896628 or email to