IAB TECH LAB expands Open Measurement SDK Scope to include Web Video

"Open Measurement SDK Provides a Single, Consistent, Scalable and Accurate Measurement of Impressions and Viewability for Web Video."

IAB Tech Lab announced today that its Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) is now available for web video advertising. This allows publishers and video players to offer a single, consistent, scalable, and accurate solution to measure impressions and viewability. Previously, the Open Measurement SDK was only available for mobile applications.

One of the most widely adopted solutions from Tech Lab, Open Measurement SDK provides a standardized way to measure in-app viewability. This web video expansion will enable advertisers to use one VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) tag to measure all their video ads as opposed to having separate measurement tags per platform. 

“Part of IAB Tech Lab’s mission is to develop products that can be broadly adopted to bring consistency and transparency to the industry. Open Measurement SDK does just that. It is a move to improved, seamless, and transparent video measurement,” said Shailley Singh, VP, Product, IAB Tech Lab. “Expanding Open Measurement SDK to web video ads also lessens the dependency on VPAID, which is being phased out as a request from the industry.” 

“Having a consistent video measurement solution is critical,” said Joe Barone, Managing Partner Brand Safety Americas, GroupM. “As clients continue to move towards video, this enhancement will enable us to more easily determine return on ad spend and ensure viewability, a key issue facing the industry. One tag that measures all video will create efficiencies and enable us to standardize the way in which we present results to clients. IAB Tech Lab is listening to the needs of the industry and expanding their products to address them.” 

For more details, https://bit.ly/IABTechlab202012

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