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Company Profile (maximum 200 words): Dable is a technology-based startup company established by four entrepreneurs from RecoPick of SK planet. With more than a decade of experience in technology having worked for companies like Naver and SK planet, Dable collects and analyzes real-time website log data of 150 million users per month. Driven by machine-learning technology, the company analyzes the interests of website visitors and recommends high-quality content the visitors may find interesting. Since its founding in 2015, Dable has partnerships with over 2,500 clients such as media corporations, commerce corporations, and content providers (applications and blogs) and provide their clients with personalization services. With its outstanding technology, Dable is also aggressively expanding into the Asian markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia to continue on growth path. Dable is proud to serve as the bridge that connects technology with the world.
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